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  • COSMIC CABARET, a Multi-Author Set of Sci Fi Romance stories set aboard SS QUANTUM, a luxe space cruise liner debuting September 2017

      -  With a NEW novella by CJ CADE  'CATCH A FALLING STAR'     

She has a star in her grasp, but this one will burn her…

Chaz Jaguari, inter-galactic singing star, is in trouble. As he hides from his adoring public and the paparazzi on the luxury spaceship LS Quantum, the great ship detours close to his home planet, Bryght… and into the pull of his mating moons. Now the Tyger is in mating shift--mad, bad and dangerous to anyone but a willing female Tyger.

Lucky for him, there's one available.

Roxie Fellura, failed holovid journalist, is in trouble. As she goes about her PR duties on board Quantum, she's beguiled into a tryst as shift-mate to a virile, handsome male of her race. A Tygress' sensual dream come true.

If she doesn't help him, he'll have to be tranqed until he can be transported off the liner. If she does… she'll have the liaison of her life. There's just one, big, snarling problem… he's the reason she ran from their home planet in disgrace. The celebrity she humiliated before the entire galaxy.

And if he finds out who she really is…she may lose more than her job this time.

  • MAGIC New Mexico, an SE SMITH Kindle World with NEW stories debuting September 2017

      -  With a NEW novella by CJ CADE  'REACHING REVA'     

They're stuck on the wrong planet at the wrong time…with each other. They could use some magic.

Aurelian Reva'la A'Qen must choose a life path to follow, or one will be chosen for her. Simple enough – except her dream man doesn’t want her at his side. When Reva hears Aurelian Military Commander T'Van A'Ralle laughing at her with his friends, she's devastated. On impulse, she enters the mysterious new jump device…and is ripped away from her world.

Van soon learns that he was all too hasty in his dismissal of Reva. With an unknown assassin in pursuit, she displays courage and heart. Van discovers his feelings for the fiery strawberry blonde run deeper than he ever dreamed possible.

Can Van convince the woman he scorned to give him another chance, before the assassin eliminates any hope of their returning to the future, together?

      -  With a NEW novel by CJ CADE  'STARSHADOW'     

They're out to win a deadly race against dangerous opponents ... if they don't kill each other first.

Tygress Mia Jag is sick & tired of living in her famous brother's shadow. She's out to prove to herself and her family that she has courage, brains and skills too. Her chance arrives in The Great Space Race, a race from one dangerous planet to another, sponsored by Octiron Corp, a huge media conglomerate.

But what happens when she's assigned a male she detests on sight for her partner?

Aurelian Commander D'Arek A'Renoq is out to do  much more than win a race against civilians....